IT Vulnerability Assessments

Is your business protected?

Devantec offers IT Vulnerability Assessments starting at as little as $199.

An IT Vulnerability Assessment, aka vulnerability analysis, is a set of activities aimed to define, identify, and classify the security vulnerabilities in your organization’s computer, network, or entire communications infrastructure.

Why is a Vulnerability Assessment Necessary?

A vulnerability assessment is the first step taken in the direction of strengthening your organization’s Information Security practices.

A properly executed vulnerability assessment provides a picture of open doors or holes in your organization’s security landscape and a path to remediate.


  1. Determine scope of assessment
  2. Scan entire network for all devices as defined in the scope
  3. Identify and confirm vulnerabilities
  4. Prepare vulnerability report

Vulnerability Assessment to Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability assessment will inform you of where and what vulnerabilities are present in your organization, while vulnerability management will make sure these vulnerabilities are addressed by actionable remediations, such as installation of a patches, a change in network security policy, reconfiguration of software, user education, etc…

Devantec can provide you with a set of recommendations for action and perform said actions as managed security service.

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